The Horses

We have 14 horses and ponies that we look after, most are old or have on going problems such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome (like type 2 diabetes), laminitis, damaged legs etc.  We have 7 horses that we used in our Riding School, most of the others are retired.  Our oldest is 40 years old and she is called Bramble, she has no chewing teeth left so has to be fed 4 big buckets of special feed that has been soaked each day to keep the weight on and sucks the hay and spits it out.  We have a range of 30+ year olds and most of them are retired and out playing in the fields and chilling out with their mates.  Some horses are stabled at night but we prefer the majority to be out, as they are much healthier living out.  We have a horse called Poppy who is scared of horses and doesnt like going in the field, I dont think anyone has took her to one side and told her that she is a horse lol.  Just because they are old or have a few problems why shouldnt they have a nice life.

Update. Sadly we lost Bramble February 2011 at 41 years old

My friend Trina has now got Poppy. She rides her regularly and Poppy is babysitting the foals and youngsters. Trina thinks the world of her and I could not wish for a better home for her.