Folly \’chilling out\’

Nine years ago my mare Folly developed severe liver damage and whilst treating the damage with herbs and natural remedies her sarcoids, that she had had for a while, disappeared.  At the time I didn’t know if it was a fluke or not.  After that I bought a mare who was 10 months in foal called Diamond who had sarcoids too.  I waited until after the foal was born and then started to give her herbs, multi vitamins and minerals, which was the same as Folly had been given, though I couldnt give her the amounts of some of the herbs she needed as it taints the milk.  It took about 6 months to get rid of the sarcoids but sure enough they all went.We have since treated numerous horses and ponies with sarcoids with success since then, some being really bad. The worst horse was Foxy which was going to be put to sleep as hers were so bad.  You can see her progression pictures at the bottom of the page.  Foxy had sarcoids everywhere but her face, some were huge, bleeding and ulcerated, they were really nasty.  It took time but eventually they all went.  We have never had one return and I still have Folly the original horse which the herbs worked on and that is 9 years on and I also still have Diamond.   I still keep in touch with most of the sarcoid horse owners and all are doing extremely well with not another sarcoid in sight yipee.

Most Vets treat the outside of the sarcoid by removing it whichever way they can, but they do not treat the inside of the horse and make that better first, so they usually return.  I am not a Vet and not an expert on sarcoids but have had now alot of horses cured of sarcoids. If you have a horse with sarcoids and want to try my method you can drop me an email or call me as I would like to help.

Here are some pictures of Foxy starting with the first month we started treating her which was June/July 2008.   Then it shows her progression until they are all gone yipee!  (under construction)

I will upload the pictures of Foxy at the end of the treatment very shortly If this section on sarcoids only helps one other ‘Foxy’ then that would be great, but I am sure that it will help more than one.  If you have any questions then please dont hesitate to ask.

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