Dilly and New Dog’s Story

Dilly with Sweet Pea fast asleep

Dilly and Sweet Pea

Dilly and New Dog


Dilly’s Story

Dilly my German Shepherd was an inspiration to me.   As a youngster she was wild and would launch at other dogs on a walk, we had no control, constantly want to play, run off, jump up, go absolutely mad when anyone came to the door, try and eat the postman etc I think you get the picture.  She was fantastic with people  (apart from the postman)  We were embarrassed on regular occasions with her behaviour so I called a ‘Dog Behaviourist in.  The upshot was it cost me £120 for 1 session and this was in 1999, he gave me so many things to alter and do, I got so confused with it all I never did any of it.  So I looked into getting myself qualified as a Dog Psychologist and haven’t looked back since, all thanks to Dilly.

Dilly was a fantastic, loyal, loving best friend to me for almost 15 years we have been through thick and thin together. Sadly she passed away at home next to me where she always had been, and was right to the end on the 6.6.2010.  She was the most faithful dog I have ever known and I miss her so much.   So let me say a great big thank you to her from the bottom of my heart for all that she taught me.

Dilly 2.10.1995 to 6.6.2010

New Dog’s story

New was a rescue, it took me 2 days to find her when I heard there was a German Shepherd running round the roads by our house and then 2 days to actually catch her.  She was skin hanging off bones, with a broken tail, covered in burrs, no pads left on her feet.  For the first 2 weeks of her living with us she barely had the strength left to get off her mat, except to put Rebel our big German Shepherd in his place with a swift sharp bite on the head.  Then day by day she grew stronger.  I think she had been chucked out, as when she was first sighted she was always hanging around the busy junction up the road from us, I think she was such a faithful dog she was waiting for them to come back for her and take her home.  She had the awful habit of weeing on the beds when we first had her, this was whenever she got the chance, or on anything that was made of plastic.  We persevered with her and put the Dog Psychology to the test and eventually got there.  She was the most sweet tempered dog that you would ever have the pleasure of knowing, never a problem and she lived with us then for another 7 1/2 years until unfortunately she developed a mammary gland tumour.  She was so brave but we could not put her through anymore as she had been through so much, so we sadly got our Vet to put her to sleep on 13.5.2009 she passed away in my arms having a cuddle.  A week after New developed the tumour I found the same tumour on Dilly.