Dog behaviour

We can help you with a multitude of problems, for example excessive barking, jumping up, aggressive behaviour, separation related issues, chewing, food obsessions and all sorts of other problems.

All treatments are on a strictly NO Cruelty basis, NO smacking, NO Shouting, Calmness and Consistency are the key.  We work with the dogs natural behaviour.   Our aim is to take the pressure off the dog and release him or her of the responsibilities that they have taken on.  All dogs work on natural instinct.  Every domesticated dog works on the exact same principals as a wild dog. Working together we can change the behaviour for the better.

I make the treatment plans understandable, they are printed out for you, so you can always refer to it.  It is broken down into small, easy sections and I give phone support too.

If you are having problems with your dog, no matter how big or small the problems are then you can call me Tracy on 07957468212.

Aggressive or nervous